The 11th CRA-W Vibrational spectroscopy and Chemometrics annual training: again a success!

In March 2018, the Valorisation of Agricultural Products Department of the CRA-W organised its 11th annual training on vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics. The aim of this annual training is to give an overview of the theoretical and practical issues of both areas for their right application in food control and food research.

At this 2018 session, 20 people coming from 10 different countries, and different working research institutes, companies and Universities have participated. 

The evaluation, performed after this training, has shown that the information provided at the training course matches the participant expectations. Moreover, the participants confirm that most of the information received will be implemented into their experimental work and analytical practices. The positive evaluation concerning the organization, the competence of the training team to transfer the knowledge, as well as the quality and relevance of provided materials and facilities of past trainings has driven to a continuous increase of demand for participation. This encourages us to continue with the organization of this training in next years.