Description & rules

Fellowship Award Call 2021: Call is closed

The Fellowship Award, established in 1995, is intended as a rare honour for distinguished members of the NIR community having performed outstanding service to the development of near infrared spectroscopy over a lengthy period. The award may be presented to one individual only, every two years at an ICNIRS Conference.

Terms and Conditions

Title: The awardee shall receive the honorary title of “Fellow of Near Infrared Spectroscopy”. The award may also, less formally, be called “The Fellowship Award”.

Purpose: The award is made in recognition of outstanding service to NIR theory, applications, technology, industry, teaching or administration, over a lengthy period of time.

Eligibility: The award is open to senior and distinguished members of the NIR community from any country, and there is no restriction on the employment background of the nominee. The award can only be made to an individual, and a person having once received the award shall not again be eligible for nomination.

The Award: The award shall take the form of a plaque, to be funded by ICNIRS. The awardee will also automatically become a life member of ICNIRS, with no membership fee payable.

Description of the Award: The plaque shall feature the ICNIRS logo, followed by the words “By resolution of the International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy [awardee’s name] is hereby elected as a Fellow of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for [his/her] outstanding service in the development of NIR science. Presented at the [Ith] International Conference, [city], country], [date]. [Signature], [name], President, ICNIRS”.

Frequency of Award: The award shall be offered at intervals of two years. It shall not be awarded if, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, no suitable candidate has been nominated.

Responsibilities of Awardee: No formal responsibilities, but it is desirable that the awardee attend the relevant ICNIRS Conference to receive the award.

Nominations: Nominations for the award may be made by anyone. Each nomination must be in the form of a signed letter. Nominations must be sent to the ICNIRS Immediate Past President, who also chairs the President’s Advisory Committee.

Closing Date: Nominations must be in the hands of the ICNIRS Immediate Past President no less than two months prior to the ICNIRS Conference at which the Fellowship is conferred.

Responsibility for Administration of Award: The responsibility for the administration of the Fellowship Award shall be vested in the Council Management Committee, but the process shall be managed by the Immediate Past President. The Selection Committee in this instance shall be the ICNIRS President’s Advisory Committee, each member of which will vote in order of his/her preference of the candidates. The Immediate Past President will co-ordinate the voting process.

Updated : 18 August 2021