How to join the International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy (ICNIRS)

ICNIRS membership helps support the ICNIRS mission of promoting the science and application of NIR spectroscopy throughout the world. Membership will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Be part of a scientific community which is recognised for its contribution to exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of NIR spectroscopy.
  2. Utilise opportunities for professional development in the theory and practice of NIR spectroscopy in many different applications.
  3. Vote at ICNIRS meetings.
  4. Be eligible to obtain travel grants for attending ICNIRS Conferences.
  5. Gain access to the member-only section of the ICNIRS website, including:
    • ICNIRS meetings & minutes
    • Tomas Hirschfeld Award lectures
    • ICNIRS lectures
    • ICNIRS videos
    • ICNIRS e-learning
    • ICNIRS datasets
    • Job opportunities

In order to enjoy these advantages, ICNIRS invites you to register for membership using SEPA credit transfer or by Paypal subscription in the following link.

Additional information from NIR News


Date online : 09 March 2018