Registration and Payment

ICNIRS Membership Registration Procedure

At the ICNIRS General Council Meeting held during the NIR-2009 Conference in Bangkok – Thailand, an amendment to the ICNIRS Regulations was approved which introduced Individual Membership, allowing any individual having an interest in near infrared spectroscopy or related fields to become a member.

The fee for individual membership of ICNIRS is currently 50 €. According to the regulation 4d, the membership period shall run from date of payment until the 31st March of the next-odd-numbered year. Remember that membership give you the rights to have a discount on the registration for ICNIRS conferences and also to vote at the ICNIRS General Meeting. See other benefits.

The subscription payment should be done using SEPA or PayPal. Then, you will receive a confirmation of registration by email with your password and subscription details.

Main steps for registration and payment using SEPA

  • Step 1 : Payment by SEPA 

Main steps for registration and payment using Paypal

  • Step 1 : Subscription payment on line   of the subscription
               > Approval of payment, login and password for member-only access sent by email automatically

If you have trouble to pay by paypal, please contact ICNIRS secretary ( to allocate transaction bank account in your territory or ICNIRS webmaster (p.vermeulen@cra.wallonie.) for any issue regarding your ICNIRS membership account.

ICNIRS membership Registration Form

Your contact information will only be used for providing information about ICNIRS activities. Member contact details will not be available to anyone outside the ICNIRS Executive Committee.

However, with your permission, we would like to list your institution, if applicable (not your name or contact information) on our website. If you do not wish to have your organisation listed as an ICNIRS member on our site, please indicate this below.

* required information

Cancellation/refund policy

No refund will be issued once you have paid your ICNIRS subscription. For more information, please contact:
Peter Tillmann
Post mail : VDLUFA Qualitätssicherung NIRS GmbH
Teichstr. 35
34130 Kassel
Tel: +49 561 47 39 44 55
Fax: +49 561 47 39 44 59
Email :

> Please, add in the communication box, your full name (mandatory) and your email address (if possible)

Updated : 17 January 2024