23rd edition of NIRS course in Cordoba (Spain)

The 23rd edition of the course entitled “Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS): Applications in Quality Control and Traceability of Agri-Food Products and Processes”, was held at the University of Cordoba (Spain), February 13th-16th, 2023.

The course was designed for pre and post graduate students, scientists, and professionals with different backgrounds (analytical chemistry, soils science, animal nutrition, biology, environmental sciences forestry, agriculture, and chemical engineering, etc).

We have organized the course in the face – to face modality and there were 16 attendees from Spanish universities, research centres and private companies (see attached photo group). Unlike other NIRS courses, it is taught entirely in Spanish, to give researchers and professionals from Latin America the opportunity to perform the training in their mother tongue. Don´t miss the opportunity to be one of our students!

The University of Cordoba will organize a new edition in February 2024. For further info please contact Prof. Ana Garrido Varo and Prof. Dolores Pérez-Marín (pa1gavaa@uco.es; dcperez@uco.es) for further information.