A tribute to a legend

No matter who pens them, nor in which language they are penned, mere words fail to convey the sadness that befell us on July 17th, 2019, when Karl Norris passed away. He became a legend in his own lifetime, long before its end, a legend that will never be surpassed, and created a new world of rapid, chemical-free analysis, the World of Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS).

More than 50 years ago his genius recognized that what he had found in the spectra of soybeans could be metamorphosed into a technique that would revolutionize grain analysis. In the decades immediately following, his vision became reality, and the technique has since then expanded far beyond grain analysis into fields too numerous to document. 

He shared freely his vast knowledge of spectroscopy, his experiences, his expertise, and the warmth of his personality with us all. The thousands of people, young and seasoned, who have been privileged to have met him, and benefited from his wisdom will treasure their memories of him, and mourn his loss forever. The sincere condolences of all of us are extended to his family, and friends. 

Karl. H. Norris: May 23rd 1921 – July 17th 2019. Requiescat in pace.