A message from Lola Perez Marin, President-Elect of ICNIRS (2021-2025)

I would like to express my personal sincere thanks to all the NIRS community for the trust and confidence that they have placed in me to be the new President-elect of the International Council of NIRS (ICNIRS). I must say this is a great honour and a big responsibility. I hope I could contribute to the enhancing of NIRS and our scientific society, supporting and working together with the current President and Past-President, Soren and Tom, our Secretary and treasurer, Mui and Peter, and of course with the support and the involvement of all of you.

Prof. Dra. Lola Pérez-Marín

Faculty of Agricultural And Forestry Engineering (ETSIAM), University of Cordoba (SPAIN)

Nov 1st, 2021