The winner of 2017 Karl Norris Award is Pierre Dardenne from Belgium.

This award honours the unique contribution of Karl Norris as the internationally recognised founder of near infrared spectroscopy in the modern world. The award may be presented to one individual every two years at an ICNIRS Conference, and is in recognition of a major contribution to NIR science by a senior scientist. Pierre had been working for a very long period on NIR spectroscopy as the Head of the Department of Valorisation of Agricultural Products at the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, Gembloux, Belgium. Despite being a native of a very small country, the impact of his impressive work in the science and application of NIR spectroscopy, especially in agriculture, is obvious in a host of countries throughout the world.


Over the ensuing 30 years, he has been at the forefront of advances in NIR science, including instrument standardisation, calibration methods and mathematical procedures for processing spectral data. Pierre is the author or co-author of more than 850 publications, including peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, reports and lectures. His laboratory is a recognised centre of excellence in NIR science, where almost every type of NIR instrument and software package developed over the last 30 years has been evaluated at the request of instrument manufacturers. He is in frequent demand in countries all over the world for his advice and expertise on NIR developments and applications. Pierre has a unique ability, not only in advancing NIR methodology and pioneering new applications, but in making the technique work in industry. At least one major international business providing NIR analysis is directly founded upon his research and development work. He has also either led or participated in various important collaborative projects in the European Union, involving both NIR spectroscopy and imaging techniques, dealing with feed and food safety and authenticity.