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Tomas Hirschfeld Award Call 2017: OPEN up to 28 February 2017

Please refer to the attached document Tomas Hirschfeld Award Call 2017 for further information.

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This award honours the many contributions to NIR analysis made by the late Tomas Beno Hirschfeld, who died in 1986 at a relatively young age. He was born in Uruguay and was honoured as a chemical engineer by that country in 1996 by means of a specially produced postage stamp. His spectroscopy work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Block Engineering in the USA, and especially his pioneering research in NIR-FT-Raman spectroscopy is widely recognised, together with his abilities as a teacher.

The award was inaugurated by the former Technicon Corporation, and continued to be sponsored by Bran+Luebbe when they took over Technicon in the late 1980s. In 2004, B√úCHI Labortechnik AG agreed to sponsor the award, and continued to do so until 2014. This sponsorship gives the sponsor a major presence in the recognition of NIR advances and underlines their commitment to the development of this technology. Now, FOSS agreed to sponsor the award from 2015 until 2020.

The award may be presented to one individual each year, at either an IDRC Chambersburg Conference or an ICNIRS Conference, and is in recognition of a significant contribution to NIR science by an emerging scientist with the potential to make a major impact in the future.


Terms and Conditions

Title: The award shall be known as the "Tomas Hirschfeld Award".

Purpose: The award is made in recognition of a significant contribution to the science of near infrared spectroscopy, including in research and development of new technology.

Eligibility: The award is open to academic or industrial researchers from any country, but the nominee must not be a direct employee of an instrument company. Whilst there is no arbitrary age restriction, the award is aimed at "younger" scientists in terms of NIR achievements, who have conducted innovative NIR work and have the potential to make a major impact in the future. The award can only be made to an individual, and a person having once received the award shall not again be eligible for nomination.

The Award: The award shall take the form of a trophy and a monetary prize, together with registration, travel and accommodation expenses for the awardee to attend the Conference where the award will be presented. The award shall be sponsored by FOSS. The awardee will also automatically become a member of ICNIRS for a two-year period, without paying the membership fee.

Description of the Trophy: The trophy will be free-standing and will contain the words "Tomas Hirschfeld Award", "International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy", the ICNIRS logo and the words "Presented to [awardee's name] in [city], [country], [year]. Other words, as determined by the sponsor, may also be added.

Frequency of Award: The award shall be offered each year, at the IDRC Chambersburg Conference in even years, and at the ICNIRS Conference in odd years. It shall not be awarded if, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, no suitable candidate has been nominated.

Responsibilities of Awardee: The awardee shall be required to attend the relevant IDRC Chambersburg or ICNIRS Conference to receive the award, and to deliver an address to be termed the "Hirschfeld Address". The awardee shall provide to the ICNIRS Secretary a manuscript copy of his/her Hirschfeld Address, which may be published in the Conference Proceedings, the Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy or NIR News, as appropriate. The length of the text of the Hirschfeld Address will be left to the awardee unless otherwise directed by resolution of the Council Management Committee.

Nominations: Nominations for the award may be made by anyone. Each nomination must be in the form of a signed letter, to be accompanied by a letter signed by the candidate accepting the nomination. The nomination must include the candidate's full name and title, a short biography, a list of the candidate's publications and a recent photograph. Nominations must be sent to the ICNIRS Chairman-Elect.

Closing Date: Nominations must be in the hands of the ICNIRS Chairman-Elect by the date as set each year by the Chairman-Elect and publicised in NIR News and on the ICNIRS website.

Responsibility for Administration of Award: The responsibility for the administration of the Tomas Hirschfeld Award shall be ultimately vested in the Council Management Committee, but the process shall be managed by the ICNIRS Chairman-Elect. The Selection Committee in this instance shall be the ICNIRS Chairman's Advisory Committee, each member of which will vote in order of his/her preference of the candidates. The Chairman-Elect will co-ordinate the voting process and recommend the candidate with the most votes for approval by the Council Management Committee.

Guidelines for Selection Committee: In determining the successful candidate, the Selection Committee shall take into account any one or more of the following:

  1. The impact of the candidate's work on the development of NIR science
  2. The impact of the candidate's work on the development of NIR instrumentation and/or software
  3. The impact of the candidate's work on the industry or application in which he/she works
  4. The candidate's publications and/or other activities to communicate the results of his/her NIR research and development

The successful candidate shall be advised as soon as possible after the voting process is complete, but in any case not less than two months prior to the date of the IDRC Chambersburg Conference or ICNIRS Conference in the year of the award, in order to allow the awardee to prepare a suitable address.


 Date update : 13 January 2017